Barcode and RFID solutions

Whether you are looking to implement your first data collection system, upgrade an existing one, or replace outdated hardware, Heron Technology can help providing reliable, expert data collection services tailored to meet your organization’s needs.
We have a large collection of existing well tested software components and Apps that can be customized to serve your specific requirements.


  • Product tracking
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Secure shipment tracking
  • Quality monitoring solutions
  • Process monitoring
  • Special delivery execution

We are partnered with barcode and RFID equipment manufacturers like Motorola and Intermec to deliver you the best solutions.

Selected Projects

peacock_imprest_iphone_4_bl Stock Take System

For Peacock Australia we created an iOS stock take and replenishment system. Their App is designed to work on both iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and utilize a Bluetooth based barcode scanner. Inventory data are automatically downloaded from a central server for each store. User, location and quantity information are collected for scanned items and later uploaded to the central server. All collected and downloaded information are stored on each device for instant offline access in the store.

Asset and Service maintenance
New Zealand Diving and Salvage Ltd, with offices across New Zealand, has a lot of equipment that needs to be serviced at regular intervals to comply with safety regulation. Heron Technology developed a complete software system to handle this using a combination of mobile and web technology. Android and Windows Mobile clients are used to barcode scan equipment to check and update usage status. Both dedicated scanners and build-in cameras are used for barcode scanning. Key personnel are automatically notified when equipment needs to be serviced. The system is further used to find and allocate material for different jobs.

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