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The user-friendly iPhone and iPad devices can offer many benefits to your company and customers.
Developing a new app for iPhone and iPad requires a range of skills. We at Heron Technology have many years of experience working with mobile software and can therefore ensure that you get the right app within budget.

We develop both basic self-contained and more advanced networked apps using web services. Should you require the same App on Android as well a cross-platform
solution might be the right choice.

We develop these iOS apps in both the original Objective-C and Swift. Swift is a new programming language created
by Apple and is designed to be faster, more modern, safer and more interactive.

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  • Data collection.
  • Product awareness games.
  • Custom design apps.
  • Paperless inspection.
  • Remote access to corporate data using mobile network.
  • Porting old software to an app.

Selected Projects

AsphaltQA-iPad Quality Assurance

Fulton Hogan chose Heron Technology to create their new asphalt QA system. The software was designed to work real-time using a Salesforce back-end via web services. The iPad App gives each QA person access to live data while logging important information about each truck delivery. An advanced map function integrates with GPS data from ERoad and Navman to show real-time truck positions. The intuitive iOS interface means no training is required.

Team Challenge

Azion Wellness decided to allow mobile access to their unique activity based well-being system. Heron Technology developed the ‘Team Challenge’ iPhone and iPad App where users can join a team from their workplace or school, assemble a course of favourite destinations, then build their own unique avatar and enter daily steps and activities to embark on a virtual tourism adventure.
The software is a combination of a native iOS App and REST web services running on AWS (Amazon Web Service)

peacock_imprest_iphone_4_bl Stock Take System

For Peacock Australia we created an iOS stock take and replenishment system. Their App is designed to work on both iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and utilize a Bluetooth based barcode scanner. Inventory data are automatically downloaded from a central server for each store. User, location and quantity information are collected for scanned items and later uploaded to the central server. All collected and downloaded information are stored on each device for instant offline access in the store.

Destination New Zealand

NZ Marine represents the marine industry in New Zealand. In 2015 Heron Technology was selected to create NZ Marines first iOS App for presenting their detailed up-to-date information of the regulatory requirements for vessels planning to visit New Zealand, as well as a directory of over 100 NZ Marine member companies which provide services and products to visiting craft.

NZ Marine

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