Label & Receipt Printing 

Most thermal label and receipt printers come with basic software that will handle simple printing requirements. For more advanced tasks (see examples below) customized software might be the best option.

Our large collection of existing well tested software components and Apps can be customized to serve your specific requirements.


  • Industrial printing from database
  • iPhone or Android bluetooth printing
  • Realtime printing
  • On-site printing

Customized printing often require interfacing with other systems or capturing additional information like a signature.

Selected Project

PitaBread-Android-Nexus-5 On-site Invoicing

When Pita Bread Ltd required a new real-time invoicing system they chose Android and Heron Technology. We created an App with all the necessary interfaces to communicate with their existing financial system. This App eases delivery, ordering, crediting and invoicing in real-time. All information, including signatures for proof-of-delivery, are recorded and stored in a digital format and a paper receipt can be printed using a handheld Bluetooth printer. The Android App was designed so non-technical personnel can easily operate it, aided by a predetermined flow.

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signature capture and receipt
A 3-inch receipt with signatures.
A label with QR-code.