Customized Mobile Solutions

We develop tailor-made mobile solutions based on existing standard components. The biggest challenge in developing applications for handheld computers is to create a user-friendly interface and a logical information structure.

Our solutions can be synchronised via GPRS and other wireless technologies. We develop software that integrate with business systems via XML, CSV, Web Services and other widely used standards.

Heron Mobile Framework
Most of our mobile solutions are based on Heron Mobile Framework (HeronFrame), a standardised process for developing tailor-made solutions. This process ensures that we can implement mobile solutions quickly, low-costs and effectively for any industry.

The framework consists of a wide range of tools and components that provide a full development platform for mobile applications.

The diagram below shows an example of a complex system. Often a much simpler solution is required and delivered. The real strength of HeronFrame is how easy it integrates with existing systems.

Customized Mobile Solutions, Windows Mobile, Auckland

Mobile Devices
HeronFrame supports a vasts number of different mobile devices including all handsets based on the operation systems below.

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