New iPhone / iPad App on iTunes

We are happy to announce that our latest development has been approved by Apple and is available at the App Store

Team Challenge on the App Store on iTunes

The ‘Team Challenge’ App allows users to join a team from their workplace or school, assemble a course of favourite destinations, then build their own unique avatar and enter daily steps and activities to embark on a virtual tourism adventure.

Designed to boost activity levels and well-being, it’s a fun and entertaining team based race around the globe: They can trek the Inca trial, then visit Manhattan to ice skate at the Rockefeller Centre, before heading to Istanbul to visit the Grand Bazaar. As the users reach each destination they will see videos of their team experiencing the virtual adventure.

The Leader-board will keep users informed of their placing and show details of other teams and track them on the course map.

There is also an optional nutrition or weight loss challenge to be joined as a team or individual.

The software is a combination of a native iOS App and REST web services running on AWS (Amazon Web Service) using the following cloud services:

  • EC2 – Virtual servers.
  • S3 – Scalable storage.
  • SQS – Message queue.
  • SES – Email sending.
  • RDS – Managed relational database.

AWS was primarily selected for the easy scalability, multiple regions and good support.