Smarter business processing, made simple

Effective organisations are increasingly turning to bespoke software for smarter systems and processes that let employees more quickly and efficiently complete tasks, on-site and on the go.

Heron Technology makes it easy; expertly guiding you through all your options – in language you understand. We transform your paper-based systems into easy to use, seamless electronic processes… and because we develop across all platforms, we give you an end-to-end solution that exactly fits your business needs.

Why choose Heron Technology?

Your software is scoped by your developer
With us, you deal directly with your Managing Developer; not an enthusiastic salesperson. That means you get direct input into your development with no miscommunications and no expensive mistakes. We design your best possible solution, at the right price.

Clever, cross-platform software design
With over 25 years’ experience in custom software development across a range of industries, and platforms we are the go-to team when you need to increase productivity. We don’t push our ‘preferred solution’; we build the one that will work best for you.

A clear cost-benefit advantage
Off the shelf products that don’t truly meet your needs, mean you’re missing out or paying for more than you need to. When we build you a tailored solution, you know exactly what the costs are upfront as well as what the benefits will be.

Smarter process design using smarter technology
This is what we do and it’s all we do. We don’t design websites, we don’t run networks. We build clever software applications, tailored to businesses. Your system or process isn’t just transferred; it’s enhanced for the way you actually work, using the latest technological advantages.

Heron Technology – we make complex things simple.

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